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2011-11-08 11:32:42 by Jimbow112

Any animator that need a programmer feel free to PM me !
Really want to get some game projects going.

#Currently employed as a Programmer.
#Have studied Gamedevelopement for 3 years.
#Knows loads about animation and such.
#expelt flash user.


Me and the master of words.

2010-01-17 11:48:24 by Jimbow112

Me and my mate Hampz ( have decided to dedicate som of our carefully spent spare time into making a flash movie. And we won't post it here at newgrounds unless it turns out spectacular. And if it does not turn out the way we want, we will just have to redo it.


Me and the master of words.

Lies, sex & music

2009-12-23 13:16:27 by Jimbow112

Woah, my life is busy.

I came across some studio equpment so if you need voice acting. Just tell me and I'll be glad to help out.

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2007-08-12 16:54:09 by Jimbow112

Hey there!

Right now I'm working and working and working... On some kind of submission...
Since i havent submitted any submissions. I guess no one will read this... But im not going to post anyting unless its good. I guess i'll never post anyting then =P. No im just kidding. Me and a friend are going to post something aroudn christmas time...